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The Swiss bank offers it all. The Swiss banking system is based on the model of universal banking. This means that all banks can provide all banking services, such as...
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Second homes and vacation homes are very popular in Switzerland. According to housing statistics, this sector comprises around 419,000 properties...
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At Swiss Invest we pride ourselves in helping our Russian clients to accomplish their needs in the different aspects of their financial interests in Switzerland.

Switzerland being world renowned for its high quality of life, seriousness of establishments and trustworthy financial systems, it has become over the past 300 years a safe haven for individuals wanting to protect their hard earned assets.

Swiss Invest insists on staying totally independent from any Swiss institutions and will always be on the side of his client’s interest when negotiating with Swiss banks and other companies. This level of independence assure the client that Swiss Invest will never «Sell» a service to his client but merely «Advise» him. Thus gaining his confidence, which, at the end of the day is Swiss Invest main interest? Without mutual confidence, it is not possible to represent your interest properly and professionally in front of all the partners you will encounter in Switzerland.

In accepting to come to us, you are making sure that Swiss Invest will be accompanying you in every meeting in Switzerland with banks, real estate companies, lawyers, notaries, international boarding schools, etc... And that we will speak on your behalf whenever needed.

Our wish is that you will consider us, not as a financial assistance company, but rather as «YOUR FRIEND FROM SWITZERLAND...»